Making the most of your new glasses

Once you’ve ordered your new glasses, it can sometimes be quite a challenge to get used to them if you’ve chosen a new lens option. Here is our guide to getting you used to your new glasses:

Bifocals are generally quite easy to adapt to. The top part of the lens is for viewing objects in the distance, whilst the bottom part is for reading.  Useful checks when putting your bifocals on for the first time are:

1.    Check when you look through the top part of the lens that you can see clearly
2.    Hold a book and look through the bottom part of the lens to ensure you can read words clearly
3.    Look at the floor through the bottom part of the lens, where you should notice your vision is blurred. Don’t panic; this is correct.  Now tuck in your chin and look through the top of the lens – you should now see clearly again.

The structure of the lens is quite different in varifocals as they offer several fields of vision. Make sure you test each field step by step:

1.    Looking through the top part of the lens, your glasses should sit so that the distance part of the lens is in your natural line of vision.
2.    Hold a book at arm’s length and drop your eyes down slowly from looking through the distance part of the lens; as you do so, your vision should become clear.
3.    Look through the lower part of your lens at a book. The words should be clear as the lower part of the lens is for reading.


Always give yourself time to get used to your new glasses. Both bifocals and varifocals can take a lot of getting used to, so make sure you wear them every day to make the most out of them. The key thing to remember is that you must use your glasses exactly as your optician instructed.

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