Cleaning and maintaining your glasses

When you rely on your glasses for everyday wear, grubby fingerprints, smudges and dust particles can prove very annoying. Even the slightest point of a finger to re-arrange your glasses from slipping down your nose can leave a rather unsightly and difficult to miss smudge on your lenses.

The most obvious tip is to house your glasses in a hard-backed case. Not only does this soften the landing if your glasses are dropped, but it also means dust can't enter the case. A soft pouch is another option, but doesn't provide the same level of protection that's needed to envelop your glasses to keep them safe.

A suede or material cleaning cloth will always accompany your glasses case, but if yours is looking grubby or full of dust, pop it in the washing machine to get rid of any unwanted dirt.

Warm water and a little bit of mild washing-up soap is great for gentle but effective cleaning. Fill a bowl with warm water, add a pea-sized amount of soap and dunk your glasses in and out a couple of times. Dry your glasses thoroughly with a soft towel, making sure you're careful not to squash the lenses or arms. This is a quick-fix solution for an all-over wash and so long as you don't use harsh soap it won't do any damage to your glasses.

It is important that you avoid using any harsh cleaners on your lenses as they can damage any coatings and affect the quality of your glasses. If you are unsure, running your glasses under warm water is a safe bet and will remove a fair amount of dirt.