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The iPhone App Revolutionising The Way Your Eyes Are Tested

Many people say that once they'd bought an iPhone, they wondered how they ever coped without it. From social media, games, navigation tools and keeping up-to-date with news, the possibilities are endless when it comes to apps to download.But it turns out that iPhone apps could be useful for medical professionals, too. Researchers from the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Hospital, Harvard Medical School have explored the feasibility of using a simple smartphone camera for retinal imaging. Retinal imagi… Continue reading


We take a look at one of the planet's most visually-aware animal the giant squid!The words attributed to the largest of squid species in the giant and colossal manifestations suggest that their bodily features are likely to be on the large side, with an interesting theory on how their eyes have developed and evolved to help protect the oversized squids from becoming an easy target for lurking predators in the depths of the ocean.All The Better to See You WithThe giant squid’s eyes are roughly … Continue reading

Saliva Glands Used To Cure Dry Eye Syndrome

A medical trial is underway in Sao Paulo, where doctors are looking at a new way to cure keratoconjunctivitis sicca, more commonly known as dry eye syndrome.Dry eye syndrome is caused when the eye doesn’t produce enough tear film – a protective layer of water, fats, proteins and infection-fighting cells, which lubricates the eye and protects it from dust and infections. Without tear film, eyes can dry out, and become enflamed and sore. Vision can become blurred and in extreme cases, ulcers c… Continue reading

Glasses For Chickens. Yes, Chickens!

A post by CharlotteDuring the Second World War, food rationing gave civilians a much more limited diet than had been enjoyed previously, with eggs, sugar, butter and other foodstuffs available in carefully measured quantities which had to last the week.Eggs Equal SugarMy grandmother was a careful housekeeper and decided to keep chickens in her backgarden in suburban Carshalton Beeches in Surrey. She thought that she could exchange their eggs for sugar, tea and other necessities with her neighbou… Continue reading

Does Space Travel Affect An Astronaut’s Eyesight?

In all the popular science fiction space-based television programmes, it’s rare that a hero or heroine wears glasses. Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr Who – it’s hard to think of a key individual who needed help to see (although possibly Darth Vadar, who was more machine than human, had artificial eyesight).

Did Dr Spock Need Glasses?

In fact, scientific research carried out into the long-term effects of space travel on astronauts has suggested that there is a link between d… Continue reading

How to Handle an Eye Injury

The natural evolutionary reflexes and tear duct process in the eye tends to prevent us from much potential eye damage when coming into contact with unwanted objects, although not every danger can be repelled, and an eye injury or trauma can be incredibly alarming.Until technology becomes so advanced that we can replace the human eye, we are stuck with the pair we are born with and have to look after them carefully.Types of Injury and Treatment RequiredCause: The most common eye injury would be t… Continue reading

How to identify when you need reading glasses

The signs that you need a pair of reading glasses are often easy to miss, and the more you get used to them being there the less you notice as your vision gets worse. Identifying the clues early on is important, and buying reading glasses online with Direct Sight doesn’t have to be an expensive or troublesome task.

With that in mind here’s a little list of the main things you can to do help keep your peepers pristine!

Presbyopia is natural
The first step to decidi… Continue reading

Why one pair of glasses isn’t always enough

When we’re choosing which pair of glasses to buy it goes without saying that we’ll be looking for the pair which suits us best and makes us look the nicest. With that in mind, it’s unsurprising that so many of us stick to just owning the one pair – we’ve spent so long deciding, why would we not take them everywhere we go?

Here at Direct Sight though, we believe that options are never a bad thing, and that’s why we offer 2 for 1 prescription glasses from just £49.99Continue reading

Ancient Eye Glasses: Fascinating Historical Artefacts

People in ancient times wore eye glasses for a multitude of reasons, in fact they wore them not as visual aids, as the technology wasn't there yet.  Instead they wore them to conceal their expressions, protect against harsh environments and for many other reasons. One thing is for sure, the aura of prestige, power and intelligence that glasses bestow upon the wearer is deeply rooted in history.  

Inuit PeopleThe Inuit or Eskimo people of the Arctic can be credited for the world's fi… Continue reading

The best easy ways to protect your eyes

Here at DirectSight HQ we’re keener than anyone to make sure our visitors have a good pair of well protected peepers. There I was tucking into a nice slice of jam on toast when I thought to myself...  this really is an underrated way of keeping your eyes in tip top condition.

That’s right – the humble slice of bilberry jam on toast packs quite a punch where our optics are concerned, and that’s because bilberry jam contains a compound called anthocyanoside – and anything wit… Continue reading